Monday, November 13, 2017

Welcome to Holley Office

Holley Office Products has been serving the local area with big store pricing and hometown service from the moment they opened their doors. Even though so many small and local businesses have had a hard time keeping up with the digital age and its negative effect, Holley Office has embraced this new era. It is not your average office supply store, selling only printer paper and ink cartridges.

Holley Office Products has a wide variety of products to offer their customers both near and far. From everyday office supplies, to janitorial/sanitation supplies, and even big ticket items such as copiers and office furniture it doesn’t stop there. You can check out the “About Me” section of this blog to find out a handful of the things that this company has to offer. Not only do they offer tangible products, but they offer free delivery, online ordering, IT servicing and machine installation; and it’s done with genuine smiles on the faces of those that work there.

Another great feature to this company is Holley Graphics, a separate entity that has a quality like no other. The graphics done at Holley are top-notch and in high demand. Don’t worry, there will be several posts about the different types of graphics they have to offer and photographs showing off the amazing work that keep people coming back for more. We would like to welcome you to our blog, Holley Office, and hope you return for each post as you never know about the different products we will showcase. Not only products, but services and much more.

We hope that this blog will not only engage our current customers but also bring in new customers that may be wondering about what exactly goes on in that cream colored building on Highway 68 outside of Draffenville, Kentucky right next to Highway 95.

Again, welcome to our blog and make sure to check back soon for a new product coming on to the market that is certain to make waves, especially with cold/flu season making its rounds.


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